Certification Guide

Fair Trade (FT): Ensures fair treatment of workers, fair wages, and increased market visibility for coffee farmers.

USDA Organic: Signifies coffee grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals, in harmony with nature.

Rainforest Alliance (RFA): Focuses on sustainability, fair wages, and environmental responsibility in the coffee industry.
Bird Friendly: Protects the habitat of migrating birds, promoting shade-grown and organically grown coffee.
UTZ (now part of Rainforest Alliance): Originally emphasized transparency and traceability in coffee production.
Grade A + Grade B (AB): A blend of two types of beans, sorted using different screens, considered premium coffee.
Grade 1 (GR1 or G1): The highest grade of beans with no primary defects and limited full defects.
A/X: High-quality cupping with exclusion of the largest and smallest beans from the lot.
Strictly High Grown (SHG): Refers to coffee grown at high altitudes, resulting in denser and harder beans.
European Preparation (EP): Involves stringent screening for defects and a specific screen size standard.
Natural: All additives or flavors contain no chemicals.
Swiss Processing Method: A chemical-free 4-step decaffeination process.